Effective grass-roots lobbying starts with the county Farm Bureau. To help implement Farm Bureau policy, counties may choose to appoint and utilize a Policy Implementation Team. Additionally, counties may be encouraged to appoint a specific, time-limited Issue Action Team on an as-needed basis. Policy Implementation Teams consist of 2-3 individuals focused on developing relationships with elected officials. Members are chosen for their qualifications and respect in their community. The Policy Implementation Team should represent the different areas of the county and its demographics, as well as the major commodities produced.



Develop relationships with elected officials and deliver results for member policy implementation. Policy Implementation Teams are not intended to be policy-issue experts; their task is to establish and enhance the county Farm Bureau’s relationship with local, state and national elected officials.



The ideal member should have an interest in policy and politics, a focus on building a relationship, and an interest in planning events with a legislative and regulatory focus. The following characteristics should be considered in making selections. ​

  • Support of Farm Bureau policy:  Policy Implementation Team members must be willing to actively support Farm Bureau policy and put policy ahead of personal feelings or friendships with legislators. Any success in implementing Farm Bureau policy will only come as a result of unity.
  • Recruitment: Policy Implementation Team members should be recruited and selected to serve on an annual basis.
Douglas DarlingMember
Richard JanssensMember
Dennis MeyerMember