Local policy approved by delegates at the county annual meeting

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Funding of Local Road MaintenanceThe first issue the newly formed Farm Bureau organization undertook in 1919 was to fairly fund local road creation and construction. Local landowners and farmers worked to change the per foot assessment charged to the landowner for all road construction and maintenance to a more equitable method of a gasoline tax. The motor fuel tax thus allows everyone who uses the roads to contribute to paying for them. We find ourselves…one hundred years later…facing the same choice, to fund local road maintenance and re-construction solely through a patchwork of township property taxes, or a more equitable system supported by everyone who uses these roads. How to fund major road improvements and repairs will once again become issues for the Michigan legislature and governor to determine. While their concerns will be focused on highways and state roads, local roads may receive little or no additional funding. While we all appreciate smooth highways and multiple lane main roads, many of us as residents and as farmers operating larger equipment, also need reliable and durable local roads, including both paved and gravel roads. We need a “FUBU” (For us…By us) approach to create new funding to be used exclusively on our own local roads. Resolved: The Monroe County Farm Bureau will support efforts that allow Monroe County to petition the Michigan Secretary of State to establish and collect an annual per vehicle fee of up to $25.00 per Monroe County registered vehicle (autos and light trucks). These funds would be used exclusively for maintenance, upkeep, and re-construction of local roads (both gravel and paved). Our goal is to institute a “build better (more durable) roads” rather than “build more roads” mindset within the road commission officials. The Monroe County Farm Bureau opposes any local property millage be established for local road funding.
Establishment of Procedures to Insure Timely and Regular Reviews of Monroe County Farm Bureau Committee Structure and BylawsAs changes in our Monroe County Farm Bureau’s mission, funding, and relationship to both our members and the Michigan Farm Bureau organization may need to be updated or modified, we are recommending that the Monroe County Farm Bureau adopt the following resolution and make any appropriate bylaw changes. We recommend that a bylaw change be made at the 2022 Monroe County Farm Bureau annual meeting to add this scheduled review in the current bylaws. Resolved: As it is good and sound practice for any organization to take a look at how the organization can improve the delivery of beneficial and practical service to its members, we recommend the Monroe County Farm Bureau amend its bylaws to establish regular review of the organization’s structure and bylaws. Such amendments should include: • At what regular intervals should such a review be completed • Any review committee should be comprised of either former board of director’s members and other such members from outside of any past board roles. Current elected board members and/or representatives from the Michigan Farm Bureau organization may be included in a non-voting advisory capacity. • Recommendations from the review committee shall be sent in written form to the current Monroe County Farm Bureau Directors for discussion and timely presentation to the voting regular membership.